Daniel’s story

My name is Daniel. I’m a former gambler and Peer Connection volunteer. It was at the footy club that gambling started for me. Binge drinking and gambling in the pubs with blokes who were really serious about their footy. We would work and train hard during the week and then drink and gamble too much on the weekend.

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Not a Dollar More Podcast Series

Banyule Community Health has been funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to produce a series of podcasts about gambling harm and recovery.

All podcasts will be produced through a ‘lived experience lens’ with interviews with people who have had a personal experience of gambling harm.

Who are the podcasts for?

We hope that people who may be beginning to worry about…

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Bet Check

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has released a new campaign Bet Check, which encourages people to consider that “harm from gambling starts earlier than you think. So if you start to justify your behaviour, it’s a sign you should rethink how you bet.” The campaign reaches out to people experiencing gambling harm at a moderate…

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Global Peer Supporters Day

This year’s celebration will be on Thursday 20th October. Most of us will have accessed peer support at some time in our lives. It may have been formally via a support group or educational program, or informally such as an ‘over the fence’ chat with somebody who understands our concerns. The following list of possible…

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