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Bet Check

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has released a new campaign Bet Check, which encourages people to consider that “harm from gambling starts earlier than you think. So if you start to justify your behaviour, it’s a sign you should rethink how you bet.”

The campaign reaches out to people experiencing gambling harm at a moderate level of severity. This harm may include arguments with a spouse about gambling, spending less time with family and friends, or having difficulty paying bills on time.  Many people in this group consider their gambling to be a recreational activity that is not likely to become problematic.

The campaign points to information and tools relevant to anyone who gambles, but particularly those experiencing some level of harm. The resources include an interactive harm quiz that encourages self-reflection. The quiz asks a range of questions about the impact gambling is having on the person’s life and then links them to information, tips and practical strategies on how to address the level of harm they are experiencing.

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