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Peer Connection Program Half-Year Update

The Peer Connection Program is a state-wide telephone support service delivered by volunteers who have overcome a gambling problem.

The information gathered for the period July to December 2015 displays the effectiveness of the volunteers who give their time to the program.

There were over 500 hours contributed by volunteers during this half of the year.

As could be expected the majority of hours (343.75) were given as peer support work. Volunteers delivered 9 weeks of service, based on a 38 hour week.

During this period we received 68 referrals, 37 males and 31 females.

The Peer Support Volunteers supported over 120 clients during this period. All clients under the age of 25 (7) are male. Females accessing the service tend to generally be over 35 years old.

The program closed 40 client cases during the first half of the year. Over half of these were due to the clients ‘graduating’, which occurs when the client is doing well and no longer requires the support calls.

Gambler’s Help North & North Western intake provides over half of the referrals received by the program, although all GH Services could offer telephone peer support to their clients.

The importance of the orientation training and on going professional development is reflected in volunteers dedicating 76.75 hours to training and professional development.

Volunteers also provide administration support, and share their stories with groups.

Thank you to all Peer Connection Volunteers who give their time to support others.