What will you gain by volunteering?

  • An opportunity to develop your skills in a work environment
  • A sense of satisfaction from supporting others in the community
  • A meaningful volunteer role
  • Being valued and appreciated by those you work with and support
  • Ongoing support and supervision
  • A comprehensive training program
  • Opportunities to attend professional development sessions
  • A current reference for further study or employment
  • Being a member of a small, cohesive team

What do volunteers like about the role?

“Making a difference and when callers realise that all is not hopeless. Gambling is not necessarily a life sentence!”

“Being part of a team.”

“I’m learning with every call, every experience of my callers. I’m also improving on my own analytical abilities and communication skills. Also constantly learning new services and supports available out there.”

“Self-esteem grateful for where I am in my life.”

“I feel I am contributing to other people in return for help I have received. I enjoy the social contact with my supervisor, volunteers and others.”

“Giving something back and feeling good about helping someone stop a destructive habit. I feel self-confident and really good about myself, because I was the person on the other end of the phone and I felt bad about myself.”

“Doing something “good” through such a bad experience.”

What do we expect? We expect volunteers to:

  • Complete training before commencing duties
  • Attend bi-monthly team meetings
  • Commit to a regular 3 – 4 hour shift each week
  • Willingly participate in supervision, and ongoing training
  • Commit to a minimum of 12 months volunteering.
  • Be reliable
  • Be committed to the confidentiality and privacy of clients and other volunteers.

Peer Support Volunteer

Volunteers in this role are allocated clients to provide regular support calls to with the goal of supporting them as they reduce/stop gambling or support another to do so.

Peer support volunteers must have either successfully recovered from their own gambling addiction or supported another person with a gambling problem. If you have had a problem with gambling yourself, we generally expect that you have been satisfied with your level of gambling for at least 12 months before commencing as a Peer Support Volunteer.

Peer Support Volunteers attend a weekly shift, based at West Heidelberg and are expected to attend bi-monthly team meetings.

The number of clients that you work with will vary from time to time, with most volunteers making between five to 10 calls per week. The time commitment is about 3 – 4 hours per week. This includes phone time, paper work and debriefing discussions. We would not expect volunteers to take on more than they can manage, whatever the demand.

Training for the role is provided by completion of a self-paced manual. Volunteers complete exercises, and attend a regular shift to meet the other Peer Support volunteers and to hear the calls. This provides a good understanding of the nature of the calls and role of the volunteer.

During these shifts, you will meet with the coordinator to discuss your progress and your answers to the exercises in the manual.

Once you have completed the manual you will begin a 3 month probationary period. There is always support and someone available to discuss your calls with you while your confidence grows.

Peer Support Volunteer Role Description
Peer Support Volunteer Application Form
Peer Support Volunteer Application Form – Concerned Significant Other

How to apply?

Complete the application form for the role that you are interested in and submit it to the coordinator of the Peer Connection Program.

When your application has been received you will be invited to an interview, undergo a National Police Check and Orientation Training before commencing duties. Having a police record will not necessarily exclude you from volunteering with the program.

For further information about volunteering please email or call Rachel on 9450 2007. You can also fill out the form below with your enquiry and we will be in touch.

All volunteers will be oriented to the workplace and Banyule Community Health Policies and Procedures.

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